Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cumorah Pageant - Night 2

Our buses missed a turn tonight on the way back to the dorm. We came through Canandaigua, a beautiful city with many victorian homes and buildings. We are in the dorm at 1am, YUK!

Today was good. We started at 7am with a trip to the laundry mat. Janette and I washed and dried the clothes only to find Meleah did not put all her clothes out in a pile. We will need to do some more soon. We walked into Wegmans, an Albertons-like store, which have a place you can order great food from chefs. Ambiance is not the best but the food is suppose to be great.

Breakfast was a brunch, composed of all the regular fare for breakfast plus chicken patties, green salad and soft ice cream.

This was the first day to sleep in since we got here. We caught the buses at 12pm and went to the Hill. We started with a devotional and had NO practices. We are in full show mode. The afternoon was passed hanging around. Janette and I listened to a brother talk about Mendon. Mendon, spelling is questionable, is a small location here where a lot of the early leaders of the church seemed to show up. Interesting research.

Dinner: Ham, scalloped potatoes, applesauce, vanilla pudding, rolls

It was great weather; mild, not hot. The anit-mormon protesters we out in force. They park on the public road that passes Cumorah so there is not much that can be done to stop them. It was especially a problem because the parking lot was moved across the street due the mud caused by the rain yesterday. People must get out of their cars and walk across the street with the protesters yelling various things at them warning them to stay away from the Mormons, Joseph Smith was not a prophet and other untruths. Once the people get across the street they enter the bowl where things calm down and a gentle spirit takes over. We had over 6000 people attend tonight by my estimation.

The problem tonight was that our opening procession of all the cast up on stage was blocked by a low curtain that was not behaving. We had to step on it to get it low enough for most of us to get over. We did not get to our stage positions in time so we just stopped where we needed to. A small problem.

Meleah, Janette and I were out talking to a non-member family at the end. The father is from Ambato, Ecuador, the mother from Romania and their daughter. A sweet family that is interested in the gospel. They apparently live next to the missionaries and are being taught. I hope to teaching leads to something. We bore testimony of the book of Mormon and talked for 20 minutes, it was great. My Spanish works but it is not smooth.

Meanwhile at the closing devotional, Spencer was treated to a talk by Donny Osmond, who was visiting. THe kids stormed him afterwards to get pictures. It was crazy. You know, I never knew Donny was so much shorter than me....

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  1. Maybe the Donny you remember was always wearing platform shoes and bell bottoms...and if so he WAS taller! Sounds like a sleep in day was a long time coming!!