Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cumorah Sunday - Independence Day

Up at 6am, to the bus by 7:30, at Cumorah by 9:15. Sacrament at 9:30-11:00. Some meetings and then lunch at 12:00. Not much happening, we are still tired.

After lunch there were some Cast Meeting of different groups talking about the stories from the Book of Mormon that are depicted in the pageant. E.g. Abinadi and King Noah. THe question was asked about how we would individually feel given the role we have in the pageant. It was a very good discussion. Meleah found how important the destruction scene (77 secs) would be. It needs to prepare people for the coming of Christ. I believe the discussions in various teams were good.

We heard form an area authority seventy, Elder Cook. His wife spoke to our cast group and Janette took the opportunity to talk to her. Some really good talks. We had more meetings, devotionals, missionary training and a lot of education. We did have a BBQ just to make July 4th stand out a bit.

We got back to the dorms early (9:30pm) and had pizza and leftovers, and more meetings/thoughts.

It is hotter today and will be warming over the next few days.

BTW, we have three dorm rooms. Two are connected with a bathroom, kind of like a hotel room. The third is a single with a bathroom, Spencer is enjoying it, I believe. Meleah and Janette are in one room and I am snoring alone in mine.

We may get up earlier tomorrow and go running. After writing this blog, I am not certain I will do it.

Love you all. Take care of yourselves.

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  1. If you ever catch up on sleep enough to post some pictures I would love to see what the dorms, cafeteria, and the area looks like! Sounds like your snoring has gotten out of hand!