Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday -Wow!

Meleah is ill. She has a sore throat, headache, and congestion. We now have penicillin, robitussin, decongestant and a blessing. Please ask the Lord to bless her, she is miserable.

I believe the temperature was up to 95 degrees today. Fortunately, there was a breeze most of the day. We had a lot of rehearsals out on the stage so there are a lot of sunburns. It was tough getting up. I set the alarm for 5am to go running, woke up and said forget it! We slept until about 6am and got ready for breakfast. Meleah was a little slow but she made it for a french toast breakfast, but did not feel good enough to eat it all. We made it to the buses and off to the "Hill", as they call it. Breakfast, devotional, rehearsal, missionary training and more rehearsal, lunch, rehearsal, dinner and then a run through of most of the show. That was the WOW! of the day. These directors pulled together 700 people into various roles and staging to perform. All of us did something on one of the seven stages. It was great and very moving. The show has the following scenes:
  • Old world - Jerusalem - Lehi called to be a prophet
  • Nephi seeks to know what his father knows - visions of Christ
  • Lehi leaves Jerusalem with the brass plates travel in the wilderness
  • They wander for years, build the ship
  • Voyage to ancient america - Laman and Lemuel rebel at sea, tie Nephi up until Nephi is required to save them
  • Abinadi burned
  • Ministry of Alma
  • Samuel the Lamanite and the day-night-day of Jesus' birth
  • Resurrected Christ appears - visits - blesses the children
  • The Golden Message - Mormon and Moroni
  • Restoration of Christ's Kingdom - through Joseph Smith
I had some down time in the middle of the day so I went to the cast tent and laid on the ground and fell asleep for a time, it was great.

Lunch - salad or roast beef sandwich, macaroni salad, nectarine, yellow cake w/choco frosting
Dinner - Beef stew on a biscuit, peas, mayo-free cole slaw, peaches and whipped cream (I ate the peas)

With each meal you can choose two drinks out o fthe following choices:
Choco Milk

It works. The school buses are still uncomfortable, but they do the job.

Have a good day!

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