Sunday, July 4, 2010

Second day - July 3

Up at 5:30, breakfast was good (6:30-7:15). It was a 5 minute walk to the cafeteria on campus. No students are here, just us Cumorah people. We had french toast and muffin with any drink you wanted. Kind of nice.

We had cast group meetings. Everything was tryng to emphasize the necessity of having the spirit with us. We played 2-truths and a lie to get to know each other. Everyone kept leaving for rehearsals. Rehearsals take priority. Janette was starting already because of her roles and Spencer was out in the field learning how to do choreographed fighting. He is enjoying it.

Devotionals every day. More practice, more meetings. Hot weather with a little breeze at times.

Meleah was showing the signs of sickness. In the PM we took her to one of the 7+ pageant doctors and she got a penicillin prescription. Janette took off with a sister to ge tthe prescription. They got back late enough where they just drove directly to the Hobart dorms. Meanwhile the buses did not show to take the rest of us at 10:15pm so we were sitting out on the parking lot in somewhat cool conditions. Spencer and Meleah fell asleep, sort of, on the blacktop. THe buses final showed at 12:15am (miserable). We road to the dorms and went directly to bed. The morning was coming quick.

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