Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010 - Hill Cumorah

Brunch: Pepperoni Pizza!, eggs, pancakes, ham, potatoes, salad and ice cream.

Dinner: Lasagna, break, veggies, grapes, giant chocolate chip cookie.

Church history tour for Meleah, Janette and I. Includes Sacred Grove, Smith Farm and E.B. Grandins printing. It is amazing that a printer that had the equipment was available in the town of Palmyra in 1829 when Joseph SMith needed it. E.B. Granding took a big chance when he agreed to print the Book of Mormon. These were miracles.

We were in the replica of the Smith log home where Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith. THe Grove is such a beautiful place to walk through and consider what occurred there in 1820. Some trees are old enough to have seen it.

I am tired. 1:00am. Need to get some rest. I have pictures but am not going to post right now.

The Hunters arroved for the performance this evening. It was great to see them. We will be connecting up with them over the coming days.

Bye bye

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