Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010 - First Run Through of full Pageant

What a day! We started normal, early. Pancakes, fruit and cereal for breakfast. Meleah made it in time. Sunny, hot and humid.

We started with a short devotional and then went to the House (the bowl where the attendees sit). At 9am we setup 8000 chairs. Janette and I both agree that we have not sweat so much in memory. It was dripping and our clothes were soaked in no time at all. Worse, it was probably 90+ degrees out. We worked an hour and then Janette had a rehearsal in the bowl. It was just plain hot and nasty out.

At 11am we had our missionary training lesson. THe sisters are teaching us to Open our mouths and share testimony using the scriptures. THey do an excellent job of it all.

Lunch was a salad for Janette and I. Meleah and Spencer had peanut butter and jam after they returned from practicing with a youth choir in the basement of the visitor center. It is the coolest place around, almost unnatural cool. As soon as you left the basement it was like hitting a wall of humidity. It stayed with us all day.

At 4pm we practiced the opening procession. We all walk in through the audience in full costume. Unfortunately, we picked a line that goes up to stage 5, about 3-4 floors of stairs. We practiced it about 3 times, the sweat was pouring.

Dinner was a good break, still hot. They had a shell pasta with ricotta and red sauce. THe chocolate pudding was soup, but good.

THis evening, ending at 10:45pm, we did a complete run-through of the performance. It was great, of course, no one in the pageant got to see it. It seemed to go well and the director was pleased. We are now in the tuning phases of the performance.

We are on the Hill Cumorah! It is the place where Joseph Smith received the plates from Moroni, this is really cool. You can feel it, you know the Book of Mormon is divine. It really happens, the spirit testifies of the truth.

I am going to bed, it is 12:20pm. Early morning coming.

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