Friday, July 2, 2010

Traveling to New York (JFK)

We arrived at PDX at 8:45pm with plenty of time to make out 1025pm flight. When we got to our gate, Spencer and Janette walked over to the other concourse to buy a book for Spence, "Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian". They got back in time to watch the 100+ people board before us. Meleah and Larry just ate old, dry bagels and drank some water. We boarded the plane, of course we forgot our earphone so we purchase the $2 phones from Jet Blue. Once on the plane, we found our seats and settled in for an all night trip. DirectTV at every seat and we still did not have anything to watch! The snack was just that, a bag of chips, nuts, cheezits,... and a drink. The sleep kicked in over Montana (the map channel). It was a miserable 4 hour nap. We arrived in New York where I am right now in the concourse laid back in a chair.

Girls's camp took a toll on Janette and Meleah. Janette kept falling asleep after reading a line from the scriptures. When she arrived she found a place to do her nails.

Spencer's peanut butter sandwich looked ugly after a night in his backpack, he ate it anyway.

Welcome to New York!

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