Sunday, July 4, 2010

First day

This is fast moving.

At the airport in Rochester, we found a corner of the building with a sign for Hill Cumorah Shuttle. It was a billboard type sign, kind of like what the scouts use to advertise Christmas tree collections or other fund raisers. There we met Woody who suggested we wait until everyone arrived, we waited about an hour. We started meeting other people on there way to Cumorah (sounds like a pilgrimage). A newly married couple. a couple of YSA men and women, an older couple (not us). From there we went to the bus, a school bus. THe seats were short with seat belts, weird.

We traveled for about an hour+. We met some people from Riverton, Utah and some one that came from the United Arab Emirates, where he worked in a school. It was fun to talk. The first family was the Van Der Berghs, an endodontist with a house from whihc you can see all Salt Lake Valley temples, cool.

We drove directly to the Hill and started learning. We should have picked up food at the airport for lunch because the first meal provided was dinner. We survived, sleeping on the grass for a while, Janette, Meleah and Spencer went to the visitor center while I slept (I was watching the bags). They sat through a movie, hiked up Cumorah and then found me looking for them. I had a good rest on the grass. Mild temperatures.

The audition was great. We walked out in the bowl, a large field, and surrounded the field in line behind signs which had our designated cast grouping. One or more of the directors would walk around and look for a specific "look" for the role they were seeking. People would be invited into the middle and asked to do a movement or action and then given a card with a UPC code. Once scanned, that role became associated with you.

Mom is in a dance thing
Meleah in the destruction scene
Spencer is a warrior and banner carrier
Larry is a Noah citizen

We got to the dorm about 11:30pm. Some Mac and Cheese leftovers and hotdogs for a snack.

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