Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thursday, July 13, 2010 - Hill Cumorah

Early days are difficult. We needed to be at breakfast by 6:30am and on the bus by 7:30am. Breakfast was the same old stuff, no ice cream. We eat with other cast members and enjoying getting to know each other.

At the Hill we had a devotional and then off to a full run-through. THe weather and timing was perfect. The pageant only lasts 70minutes. We did a good job by my judgement.

After that we separated into cast teams for activities. Meleah went swimming with her team. Spencer's team went to church historic sites and was dumped on by rains and thunderstorms. Meanwhile, Janette and I attended a presentation by a very successful quilter on our team. She is an excellent artist and does quilts that look like paintings. After that we hopped on the bus to go to Chill and Grill in Palmyra, my first time in Palmyra. We had a side of onion rings and a SMALL ice cream each. Janette had her favorite vanilla soft serve. I had hard ice cream, scoop of peppermint patty and another of cookie dough. Great stuff, big helpings!

After eating we walked to Grandin's Printing Press, where the Book of Mormon was printed. We did not go in since we will do that with our cast team on Thursday. We did go into a church bookstore and found a book, postcards and a presidents picture set (for seminary). THe protesters were outside looking for opportunities to hand us literature and tell us why we were wrong.

As we were in the bookstore the cloudbursts started and continued for the next hour. We could not get back to the bus pickup point so we called and arranged a meeting spot. That did not work the greatest. The bus stopped early to pick up people since they did not make it to the meeting point. We ran back in the cloudburst and jumped on the bus. As we drove the rain came down harder and harder. The bus drive needed to leave one of the front windows open to avoid fogging up the front window. We were all getting wet with the rain spraying back over us so we moved to the back half of the bus. One sister put up her umbrella inside the bus to stop the shower saying "I hope nobody is superstitious".

We were dropped off at the visitor's center and made a mad dash for the door. Once in we went into the basement for a presentation from a member of our group about new family search. It was cool. THe man presenting is a software engineer at the church that makes newfamilysearch.com work.

Next, off to dinner. Beef bites in gravy on noodles, and it was warm! Meleah ate the plain noodles! Spencer ate his, half of mine and some of Meleah's. It was good.

Thunder was with us all afternoon and through dinner. Closer to showtime (9:15pm) we had a pretty bright red sunset and the rain stayed away. The show went as planned with a smaller crowd, I believe ~2000. We are at the dorm at midnight. Tomorrow is more relaxing, we hope.

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